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The Rodriguez Cigar Collection is comprised of four distinct “series”. The Reserva Privada, Series 84, Series 84 Maduro, and the Vintage 1925 Series. Each series is embodied with its own unique complexity and character. We hand select the finest materials from private plantations worldwide while combining the traditional Cuban manufacturing methods in order to deliver quality and consistency within every cigar produced.

  • Rodriguez Cigars

    Primera Clase

    All the leaves that make up the filler in this Rare Reserve ( Ligero, Viso, Seco ) have undergone a long and careful aging process of four years before the cigar is manufactured.

  • Rodriguez Cigars

    Reserva Privada

    The decadent assortment of filler tobacco combined with a 4 year aged Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is a result of a unique and lavish cigar that is well-balanced with flawless craftsmanship.

  • Rodriguez Cigars

    Series 84

    The Series 84 line was introduced to commemorate the inaugural year of the Rodriguez Cigar Factory in 1984.

  • Rodriguez Cigars

    Series 84 Maduro

    The Series 84 Maduro line captures complexity and exclusive flavors beginning with its oily Habano Maduro wrapper to its exquisite blend of filler tobacco.

  • Rodriguez Cigars

    Vintage 1925 Series

    The vintage 1925 series is the original blend of the rodriguez cigar company that began in 1984.

  • Rodriguez Cigars

    Accessories & Apparel

    Enhance the feeling of the perfect cigar with Rodriguez branded accessories and apparel.

  • Rodriguez Cigars


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